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C-ROAD Concretes FAST

Roadway concrete for quickly reopening roads to traffic

Conseils transport et mise en oeuvre
  • Delivered by mixer
  • The product must be laid quickly as it can only be worked for a limited period of time due to its very high cement content
  • Vibration laying required
  • Apply a curing compound and/or one to protect against drying

Our C-ROAD Fast product and our raw materials are subjected to ongoing and rigorous in-house test procedures.

Our plants are BENOR or AFNOR certified showing our commitment to abiding by applicable rules and to ensure the quality of our products.


The product is an irritant for skin and eyes as cement is present in its make-up, hence the resulting high pH level. Always wear Personal Protective Equipment (trousers, gloves, shoes and glasses).

Spécifications techniques
Caractéristiques mécaniques et physiques
Surface spécifique Blaine
Masse volumique
Demande en eau
Temps de début de prise
Clarté (L*)
Résistance à la compression
1 jour
2 jours
7 jours
28 jours
Gravillon Sable sec Ciment Eau
Avantages produits
  • Roadway quickly reopened to traffic
  • Long service life
  • High resistance early in its life
  • Compliant with road specifications
Caractéristiques techniques
  • Resistance after 3 days ≥ 40 N/mm²
  • Resistance after 90 days ≥ 70 N/mm²
  • D max 22 mm
  • Limestone or porphyry
  • Consistency class S1, S2 or S3
  • W/C ratio < 0.40

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