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Aggregates in foundations and sub-foundations

Calibers: 0/4, 0/20, 0/32, 0/60 non treated and 0/4 or 0/20 cement treated (A).

Spécifications techniques
Caractéristiques mécaniques et physiques
Surface spécifique Blaine
Masse volumique
Demande en eau
Temps de début de prise
Clarté (L*)
Résistance à la compression
1 jour
2 jours
7 jours
28 jours

Sub-foundations: CCB offers grade calibers from 0 to 60mm combining all the qualities needed for this use: good bearing capacity, clean fines and good compacting behaviour. For this application our product range includes a Benor metalling of the type 0/20 Ca 4a f9.

Foundations: The calibers for foundations meet more stringent grading requirements. So they are made up from several basic calibers. CCB offers a wide range of products to meet current specifications or the Benor brand PTV 411. In addition, these products can be treated in order to obtain better compactability or higher bearing capacities.

Gravillon Sable sec Ciment Eau

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