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Aggregates in special applications

About 50 different calibers.

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Surface spécifique Blaine
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28 jours

Special aggregates: CCB has a range of some 50 different calibers.

The flexibility of the production tool enables new products to be developed for specific applications such as, for example, draining materials, 20/32 type III ballast, 0/20 for sports fields, etc.

Treated blends: A facility with a 500 ton per hour capacity enables precise mixes of up to 4 aggregate sizes and 3 types of additives to be performed. Treated blends comply with specifications and are regularly monitored by the laboratory.

Added filler: CCB also sells filler for concrete. This graded complement is used to:

  • Obtain a fatter concrete by associating it with an added plasticiser;
  • Obtain greater resistance during demoulding of “wetland” consistency concretes;
  • Improve short and long term resistance;
  • Obtain a better facing.


Finally, it is the ideal and almost indispensable complement in self-levelling concrete formulations.

Fillers for agricultural amendments: Through its composition (mainly its carbonate content), CCB’s filler is also suitable as an amendment for agricultural land since it neutralises acidic soils.

Gravillon Sable sec Ciment Eau

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